22 February 2008

up on the noticeboard...

...lives a pirate octopus. just finished sewing and stuffing him. i think he works but may work better with the bit out of his middle legs sewn/cut out but that could prove to be bit too phaffy. i made him up without thinking too much as i did to just do it. a bit more care will be required with the others with the stuffing process and the sewing gutter needs adapting slightly but i aint going to worry about that for now as there are eco-robotingtons and chucks requiring my attention.

spell checker on blogger aint working and denise the big fat dictionary doesnt want to do any overtime this week. she is bit tired bless her. i think she is off on a date with tom or tony or terry of theodore the thesaurus this weekend. she had promised to teach my some new long words this weekend.