21 February 2008

...the last twelve hours have been great. i had struggled quite a bit with doing a new project. i found it difficult to switch off from the poems project to switch on to doing a new project. i went to a talk at artlab at uni last night at six pm and was there for two hours. the talk was about talking about your ideas and the previous talk which was last week was about generating ideas. i had struggled to get my ideas out onto paper for amelia's magazine open brief which is about a positive future. i knew what i wanted to draw but i felt i had to justify it in a way as it had the robotingtons in who i always draw. my idea was stuck in my head for about four days. the talk/discussion last night was so helpful. i found myself throughout the two hours during this talk doodling out my ideas of which i had been stuck with on to some random lined paper. lined paper is abit of thing that seems to help at the moment. the main point being that i should in future remember this lesson - brainstorming with doodles - just make create or make my ideas and then play with them. there was a better phrase for it but that will do.
the first picture is a very rough looking rough of my positive future. this is the doodle i did while in the artlab talk. there are many pages of roughs now showing eco-robotingtons waterering plants with watering cans with perched birds, robotingtons collecting rainwater and feeding the chickens. there are also some sheep, allotments, houses, trees, a pond lake thing with fishes in there and bees with a honey nest thing. i also went to work in the printroom and painted out some of the squilly design to make it into an octopus. i printed it out onto some random acetate. he looks great on calico as well and it will work as a plush. i plan to get the sewing machine out later on. i have already sold one which is good. off plan like an house so that is some pennies in the degree show class fund.
now it is time for a food break and then back to drawing the eco-robotingtons and rain water.