10 October 2007

same old...

...same old. just thought i would stick up a picture of what the finished textile things look like in detail once they are in the front window of the cards as per the image in the post below. i super scanned in four random cards so that i could promote the cards on etsy a bit more as i think people who view the listing would like to see a close up of the card topper. i have been ironing arms and legs for the robotingtons. i am making up eight medium sized ones and six big ones. i was going to take a photo but the camera batteries decided to die on me.

outside of the craft world i am just working on research at the moment to do with screen printing and experimenting with how i can produce various marks and what not to create a screen. i am waiting for four books to arrive from amazon at the moment as the ones in the library are a bit out of date really and i need something that is more relevant and has got a bit of colour in it. i have photo copied some information from the one that the technician's use in the printmaking department for the time being. i feel like i have been on a right book hunt to try and find a screen printing book!