22 June 2007

spring showers...
...here are the rain cloud and rain drop screen prints made up as plush type things. aye they are lying on the floor at the moment but they do each have a little hoop so they can be hung up to dangle and sprinkle rain everywhere. i sold one at the artlab exhibition which is defo good news and encouraging. i am working on organising the summer uni work at the moment and getting to grips with that as well as doing my own bits and bobs. yesterday i spent ages marking out six robots on the left over hand dyed fabric i had. the products for the new dying technique arrived today but i think i am going to put that on hold till i have played with some fimo. i am slowly getting used to working in the office. its like wearing a new pair of shoes. you have to wear them in a bit and that's what i am doing with the office but it gets tempting to go sew in front of the telly sometimes. i think i have found a fabric shop near afflecks palace called abracan fabrics-there is one in Preston and it is like a discount fabric type shop with other bits and bats in. the mister wouldn't let me go in there as he knows what i am like! i had to satisfy my haberdashery withdrawal by looking in the window. the wool there looks fab! though i did go to preston today as i needed some fibre filling and bought some buttons for the robots. i have plenty of buttons, believe me but i dont have any white ones big enough for the bigger robots.
Edited to add information from a question. the rainclouds are for sale. the one's with three drops are £10 and three extra raindrops can be added for a fiver a time. for example a six drop raincloud will cost £15 and a nine drop one would be £20 and so on. the six drop one as seen in the picture has been sold. please email me for further information about orders etc as raindrops can be mixed and matched and made to order as i have grey, blue and blue patterned raindrops. i will post some pictures of the raindrop designs/colours asap.