20 December 2007

Christmas in the home of a ladysnail...

...here is a picture of our Christmas tree. the first time we have had space for a tree in nearly four years! i think pumpkin who is our guinea pig doesn't like it as it gets more attention than her. she has been more vocal than normal though i think she is getting used to it now and all its twinkly lights. the bottom picture is of a Christmas pudding bauble that i made. i made one last year as the mister's mum has quite a few handmade decorations on her tree and they look beautiful. so this year at the Harrogate stitching and craft fair i bought some bits to make another one! i felt so relaxed while i was making it and it is one of my favourite Christmas decorations.

Christmas on the streets of Manchester...

...these photographs have been sitting in the camera for over a month and today i finally transferred them to the computer. i thought i had best share them now rather than later as the Christmas season is approaching fast. the first photo is of the main man himself, Santa. he sits over the town hall entrance on a plinth thing and looks over the Christmas markets there. the chocolate covered fruit stall is my favourite stall and i would recommend a wander round the stalls. there are also some in between selfridges and marks and sparks bit. Santa was switched on in early November and there were some fireworks which explains the next photo. the third photo is of the large cone like tree that can be found in Piccadilly Gardens.

16 November 2007

on page three...

...more of the random doodling that seems to work well and the second sentence of the one hundred words story. i am sticking to my guns with the desire to screen print my final book pages though and that is my goal for this weekend to create something simple and fun with the double trouble silk screens. the desk will require a tidy up in the morning so there is space to get everything out as they are just over A3 each in size. i have decided for the moment to limit mu colour and work with either cyan, magenta and yellow or cyan, magenta and my own light 'robot fish' grey colour. i have various b+q colour sample cards to refer to as well. i am trying to not use any black but if a outline is required then maybe i will use the dark 'robot fish' grey.

15 November 2007

when i wasn't thinking...
...my brain actually works in a funny unconnected way with my drawing hand. this illustration was created one day at uni when i wasn't thinking about anything and it turned out quite good. i doodled with some drawing ink and a brush and some coloured pencil crayons. i am still working on the dummy books at the moment as i am changing the size of it all. please click on the image to see it in a zoomed in close fashion.
edited to answer a question from Catherine. photo etching is like a cross between etching and screen printing. that is the best way for me to explain it without me rambling on. it is where an image is etched into the polymer photo film layer that is stuck onto a metal plate.

first sentence...
...here is the first sentence from the one hundred word story that i have wrote about a robotington. this was printed out using the metal type letter things that are in the print room. i rolled out some lino printing paint and did each letter individually. some of the letters i reprinted, 'my' and the letter 'm' as they came out bit messy. they used to live in the graphics room but over summer have been put in the print room at uni. there is a big letterpress machine so you can print out blocks of text all in one go but i don't know how to operate it.

13 November 2007

stop and shop...

...this is a photo of the first ever stall i have ever done. i think i made too many robotingtons and not enough teeth. the stall was part of a craft fair that the lovely people at Manchester craft mafia have and had organised. the morning was very quiet and it all picked up towards the end of the afternoon. quite a few people came to see me and visit me which was grand! Andy brought me a brew. bless. the next time i will be having a stall will be in December in the Urbis in Manchester. i am hoping it will be busier with it being closer to Christmas and will help fund my final exhibition stuff.

tonight's entry is a repeat...
...just like the good old shows on the telly, this picture is nothing new though it is slightly new in a way as it is a photo etch print of the stitched robotington piece that i did a while back and have previously posted up. this is the second time i have done a photo etch. it kind of worked but i didn't really think about the background and it looks empty. it was an experiment to see how the textures of the stitching would come out. i have wrote the robotington story and limited it to one hundred words. all i have to do now is put the two together! i have to face the fear and bake the image and words together in a pie and hopefully something will click and look okay. fingers and toes crossed like.

01 November 2007

having fun...

...though i am still feeling so full of stress! i wish it would go away. here we have the first print from my very own silk screen! i used screen filler to paint the outline of the robot directly onto the screen. this blocks the silk and then in turn prevents the ink from going through onto the paper. it is a very fast way in which to do more freehand and experimental work. i usually work out all the layers and what i am going to print prior to going anywhere near a screen and use the photo-emulsion process to create my screens. i printed the robot outline using a colour i already had mixed up from the raindrops and printed a couple off. i didn't bother with a border but i think i will make a border round it later on. i also drew a quick alphabet onto the screen and painted it out using the screen filler. it kinda worked but i think i defo need to work on my lettering more. i also tried to draw some buttons as one idea i have for the robotington story is that he lost a button and the sewing mouse or lady is helping him find the perfect one. one with majical powers. i am allowed to spell majic with a 'j'. the word birds said i could.
new blog stars...

...introducing some new illustration blogs. Andy, Dave and Mark are on the same illustration course as me, Jen and Katie. please have a look at their work and if you fancy leave them a welcome comment or two.

Andy - http://www.moombaduo.blogspot.com/
Dave -http://djparkinson.blogspot.com/
Mark - http://m-d-penman.blogspot.com/

playing with lino...

...i started to move the printing cogs last week as i have been meaning to get back into printing for a few weeks now but the doubts started to set in and so i crumbled and hid away. me and Katie Lady got out the lino last week in artlab and i finally finished cutting it out last night. it takes forever. i made a big boo-boo and accidentally cut out some of his arm so i had to start again. i didn't have to but i did. above is just a simple one colour print out and i am going to make a register board and start reducing the print and layer up the colours. idea is to play with cyan, yellow, magenta and black. i have never done this before as i often just do simple prints so i am being a bit adventurous.

I have got my own silk screens now, two of them and i am finally going to do something with them this evening as they cant just sit there and collect dust.

Update on the robotington story. i think he has lost one of his buttons and goes on a mission to replace it hoping it will give him new super powers with help from the mouse who lives in the sewing box. inspiration are the buttons from the Knightrider car-KIT. classic.

30 October 2007

the face of judgement...
...it took a while but i feel i am back in the world of illustration. my plate is quite full at the moment. stress is not good and so i have cut the things on my plate into little pieces for the time being. seems to be working though i shouldn't speak to soon. some things have been sorted out and others haven't. anyway moving on to what this blog is about - so here we have a stitched collage of a robotington of which i am trying to write a story about. initial ideas are that he loves stamps and or would like to be a green grocer or something. another idea i have is that he has a fear of water and likes to watch telly until one day he discovers that water is fun and he can always wear wellies and carry an umbrella. he may also think he is allergic to water as he may rust but actually isn't and discovers the true potential of water! i haven't got a clue but my ideas have been running wild with this story over the past week. i have been making up dummy books so hopefully a story will take shape soon.
any ideas please feel free to add a comment!

10 October 2007

same old...

...same old. just thought i would stick up a picture of what the finished textile things look like in detail once they are in the front window of the cards as per the image in the post below. i super scanned in four random cards so that i could promote the cards on etsy a bit more as i think people who view the listing would like to see a close up of the card topper. i have been ironing arms and legs for the robotingtons. i am making up eight medium sized ones and six big ones. i was going to take a photo but the camera batteries decided to die on me.

outside of the craft world i am just working on research at the moment to do with screen printing and experimenting with how i can produce various marks and what not to create a screen. i am waiting for four books to arrive from amazon at the moment as the ones in the library are a bit out of date really and i need something that is more relevant and has got a bit of colour in it. i have photo copied some information from the one that the technician's use in the printmaking department for the time being. i feel like i have been on a right book hunt to try and find a screen printing book!

08 October 2007

....there are so many of them now and even more waiting to be put together! i have been making cards for about three years now and this is the first time i have made a super huge batch. it is easier to create say ten or more cards of the same design than to make two or three that are the same. some of these cards have the textile backgrounds with buttons on that i posted up a couple of weeks back. i use a variety of methods and materials to make them and they have sold well in the past-a good steady flow of customers but i am a bit worried as some are a bit plain now compared to what i have created before. i have listed a pack of five up on etsy and i am taking them to the craft market as well to sell as singular items or as packs. we shall just have to wait and see how they do. i am planning an experiment with screen printing to make some soon.

07 October 2007

swimming without words...

...these here fish are on their way to etsy. this evening i have painted up three pages of dictionary paper from the good old faithful flea market book-one is not in the picture above. i know that one day the dictionary will run out. the guys at the flea market who run the stall we go to even recognise us now and i have put a request in for oldie worlde books. i did find one called 'goods of the grocer and provision dealer' from 1938 and it smells mustard-io. aye so these painted fish are going up on etsy at ten bob a piece with additional postage costs. they ain't speaking as per the normal fish as they are giving me the silent treatment at the moment because i haven't been doodling them much lately.

Please double click if you wish to see more detail. Ta muchli.

Final edit to say that these three paintings have sold now. they were like hot cakes-thanks to those who bought them and i hope you like them as much as i liked painting them. ta.

03 October 2007

say hello to the desk...
...the desk that is either the desk of doom or the desk of delight. well there are two of them but one is the desk of distraction as that has the tinternet on it and the music and the ability to watch DVDs and what not on it. so here is the room that i will be eating, sleeping, breathing and working in for the next year of uni. it is very good to have a separate room to house my creative self and my mess but it don't half feel lonely working in here! i started back at uni last week. i have some work to do and i think i am set on doing children's books via the screen printing method as per usual. that is the plan. i also want to do books covers and artist books and other bits and that. plus i have the craft stalls to prepare for! yay! i was accepted and approved and i am so excited but scared about it all as i have never done a stall before. i have made so many cards that i dont know how many i have made anymore. i am just about to start up the sewing machine to stitch some robots before having a break to watch heroes. hiro is fab!

24 September 2007

sticker power...

...today i set off with seventy six swimming fish stickers and thirty five swimming robot fish stickers and came back home with not so many. we set off about twelve noon sometime to go on a pub crawl with some people from the mister's uni and after that we decided to go to the graffiti event. we didn't turn up until late and so i missed out on getting a white space big enough for all the fish so i started sticking them onto a couple of the table tops. in time i picked up the courage to ask strangers to doodle faces on the blank swimming fish stickers and some people did and some people decided to ask why. i think thought that i was crazy. some people put a few stickers in their pockets and one person stuck a fish onto their t-shirt. one person called Stafford-i think-stuff faces from a magazine on to the fish which was pretty good idea and one guy took a few home to stick on his studio wall. i would like to say thanks to all who listened to me ramble on about the fish and that and also a big thanks to them who doodled a face. plus a big round of applause for the guys who organised the event.

i did manage to stick some stickers onto a pub wall!!! if anyone could tell me which pub wall i stuck them on, then a prize is in order! people who were with me at the time are not allowed to answer this question and this also goes for the barman.

23 September 2007

cracking the whip...

...me and Joe decided it was time that a sparkly title was made for this tired looking blog. it needed a polish but the Mr Muscle was no where to be found so out came the paints and brushes. it took me a while as i painted the first one onto dictionary paper that had the words draw, drawing and drawing room on it that i thought would be nice but then i spoilt it by spelling 'imagination' wrong. imaginatintintin. what was i thinking? anyway so i painted another set of fish but this time used the title page of the dictionary and did the lettering separate in case of spelling mistakes. i don't quite like the white bit yet so it might all change again tomorrow.

22 September 2007

joe knew...

...he knew the graffiti event was really on Sunday but never thought to correct me when i asked him about it earlier. so off i went like a right royal numpty with my stickers to find out that it is actually tomorrow. i got the dates mixed up! we never went on the magic eye either though we did fall into a bar and a Chinese restaurant. aye so this is joe. i found him on deansgate in Manchester on the first day back after the holiday. he was sat in a shop window on a shelf and he was defo the robot for me. he is now working in my study and makes me brews and that. he would like to be a photographer one day but finds all the buttons and functions confusing.

deja vu...
...you may grumble that the robot fish are nothing new but these ones in particular are new and are going on a very scary journey today. aye to the graffiti event and i am nervous as hell. i think i am going to stop breathing soon. me and the fish are excited but scared. they may not want me to stick stickers up or on whatever space there is but we shall see. i spent all morning cleaning the bathroom and phaffing around that i didn't give myself enough time to finish off the speech bubbles. i am taking the holy Biro with me to draw some of the faces on at the event or let other people draw faces on. that is if i dare ask them in the first place. i have given the job of official photographer to the mister as Joe the red robot called in sick. more like he is too shy to go out and meet new people but i can be as bad sometimes. we may even go on the Manchester magic eye later on tonight after weeks of saying 'we should go on that this Saturday, what do you reckon?' and the response is normally 'aye' but we never do.

21 September 2007

busy stitching bumble bee...
...using the textile things i made the other week, i have cut them up into squares and started to sew buttons and sequins on them ready for business. i like this bit the best-choosing what to sew on each square especially when it comes to playing with the button boxes! card and sequin stocks need to be replenished and the plan is to go for a big shop in hobbycraft sometime next week so the plan is just to do as much as i can until then. work is going according to plan and i am starting to enjoy illustrating and creating again. i think it makes me happy when i don't have a set plan and just go about it all willy nilly. i think plans work when they are the plans we dont make.

how many...
...bloody fish? i have counted them and there are seventy six regular fish and only eighteen robot fish. these are some stickers i have been making since about six pm Wednesday evening. i am making them in the hope that i get some confidence to stick them somewhere on Saturday night as i am going to a graffiti event. people have questioned my sanity and have asked 'why haven't you just painted a couple, scanned them in and then printed a batch of them out?' well i had two plans, the printer method and the crazy method. i checked the price for printer label paper the other day in partners and i found out that it is not cheap. ok so its not breaking the bank either but i wanted a more traditional method of creating them so i thought it was time to put the crazy method into action and here we are nearing the final stages! all they need now are eyes and smiles that i might just do at the event with a Biro. aye i like a good old Biro pen. they might be wearing frowns then anyway. who knows what mood they will be in on Saturday night? plan for tomorrow is to paint a couple more robot fish and some speech bubbles similar to the ones i did on the mailmeart box. i am thinking i might leave some blank so people can write in them. also am going to tackle the blog banner and the etsy banner. two birds with one stone kinda thing.
a little note to all the Biro haters out there. the spellchecker wanted to give them a capital B so they must be important and worshipped. a Biro is a doodler's best friend and so is a mechanical pencil.

17 September 2007


...here it is at long last. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5035468 It took me a while to get it going as i first signed up to open a shop in January! I am in the process of listing items at the moment but I couldn't’t bear to keep it under wraps any longer as this tip tapping of details is taking forever. I am planning to make my own banner in a couple of days time as for the moment i don't have the energy to as I have exhausted myself out trying to make a big batch of cards. As per the early post, the textile bits are all ready to be embellished with bits and bobs before being made into a card. my body requires a massage.

Please have a look and let me know what you all think. Ta muchli with a big hug, a brew and some chocolate hobnobs.

i am not a square...
...these two little fellows have been stitched on the classic aida cross stitch fabric. the little one looks like he is floating in the air and was the first one i stitched. i just kinda made it up as i went along and that is why he has a funny looking shoulder. they do follow the way that i doodle them and so are not anything special. i then decided to stitch one a bit bigger. well this is post number one hundred of this blog and i have to say that i thought i would have reached this number long before now but i think the work speed is picking up as i feel like i have found my mojo again. i think i get on best with work when i dont think of it as work.does anyone remember the apple flavoured mojo's? one penny sweets are classic.
just a little note-please do not copy this cross stitch pattern as it is my own design. the pidgeons will be watching you all.

teeny tiny stitches...
...here are some of the backgrounds i have been making for a big batch of cards i am making this week. in total i have made nine backgrounds, light blue, dark blue, purple, green,
gold, light pink, red and two slightly different white ones. the images above are only segments taken from each one i have created. They are each just abit bigger than A5 in size. me and the olde worlde sewing machine have spent many hours together this past weekend stitching away layer upon layer. it has taken me many hours and my eyes are feeling the strain. i am feeling hungry now as well. come back later on in the week to see what cards i have made.

15 September 2007

am not hooked up...

...the scanner is still not connected and the laptop is living in the living room at the moment. i am in the process of creating an online shop within the etsy community. this week i have been on various photo shoots and i have also started a new batch of cards. there are some fancy robotingtons in the making, some new grey ones and a couple of fancy fabric ones. whether they look good or not sewn up and finished is another story as they are yet to be introduced to the sewing machine. all is taking a very long time while i wait for paypal to verify my account and will post up all the details when everything is open for business.

09 September 2007

vroom vroom...

...people always seem to be in a hurry to get everywhere no matter where i am! i apologise for disappearing and not posting for a while but i flew off to Turkey for two weeks with the mister's parents. above is one of my favourite photographs from the holiday. i took this one while i was on the bus-i cant spell the correct name for them-dolmus? basically a little mini bus that packs on as many people as it can like sardines in a tin! i love travelling around on them. anyhoo so aye i went to find nemo in turkey but he wasn't to be found but i did find Mr Sunshine and we had a great time talking to each other while sat on the beach. i also did a lot of length swimming in the pool and i miss it so much so come Monday morning i am off to the aquatic centre to keep up the exercise. i read three harry potters and three other books on holiday, a grand total of six and for a while i think i thought i could do magic!

Illustration wise i didn't do a lot while on holiday as it was too damn hot but since i have been back i have been working away like clock house mouse but the scanner is not hooked up to the laptop as the mister is installing a new network system. I haven't done a lot but i am very pleased with what i have done.

06 August 2007

stitch in time...
...takes forever when you do tiny little ones that sometime question my eye sight about whether or not there are stitch's there or not! this is the result of today's efforts and i am very pleased with my progress. i did have a break to take a nap as i felt a headache coming on and i also took a break to make some very yummy stuffed portobello mushrooms. all in all a very good days work. the lino prints quite well on to the calico and i just need to start printing in different colours and attack the lino with a new design. also need to work on backgrounds as well but that is nothing new. i am totally scared about backgrounds and normally get round that idea with either wallpaper patterns or some blocks of flat colour.
Please click on the image to see the little stitches.

feeling blue...

...starting a brand new week with a fresh new dream. last week i was carrying some very negative thoughts about to do with illustration, to do with which area of illustration i would like to focus on. getting fed up with it all i decided to turn the emotional frown upside down so to speak. the plan now is just to start having fun with it all as if i don't things would only become much worse to sort out in the end. as long as the sketchbook is going in the right direction, i think the summer uni projects will work themselves out in the end. trying to unravel a big knot is difficult but rewarding so here we are with the first unravelling of the spaghetti ideas. i thought i would play around with the lino and finally got there in the end. i have forgotten how difficult lino can be to work with and the final prints were successful. i have tried to print them out using two colours kind of blended together but the roller wasn't rolling its best and was proving to be difficult to work with as well! rahhh! its not the operator of the materials, its the damn materials themselves! two little blue-turquoise birds. they are inspired by the birds i see outside of my window. pigeons, wood pigeons, heron, geese and the odd funny walking moor hen.

01 August 2007

a little friend...

...bob the bluebird flew right onto some aida cross stitch fabric and asked if i would like to make him look all fancy. i did some very quick doodles of birds this evening and decided to do a lino print. the paper prints did not turn out as planned as the roller wasn't dry and so made the paint abit more 'wet' and splodgey. i printed the design onto aida instead which seemed to work. some areas came out a bit faint but that was to be expected with the aida being uneven due to its weaved nature etc. i then attacked it with some threads and stitched on it for a few hours. quite soothing it was. he has no eyes yet as he is not quite finished. i am hoping to print some onto paper tomorrow.

30 July 2007

big smile...

...my box is there! i was alerted by Marmalade Katie that my box had finally been posted up on the mailmeart site. http://www.mailmeart.com/category/ladysnail/ there it is! i was so excited to see my work on another site on the web other then this blog. the fish and robot fish will finally be seen by people who haven't seen them yet and are not bored to death of seeing them. now to start working on the submission for august. goodbye flexible healthy body...hello neck aches and back pain.

23 July 2007

nothing to show...

...i have no excuse for no new work as i have been reading. aye speed reading. normally i don't get caught up in the harry potter excitement and decide i will read the latest book when i want to but this weekend i found myself in waterstones on Saturday afternoon. i have been a fan-i would say a quiet fan since 2001 when i first discovered them in tesco's for £3.93 each. i have only ever read each book the once as i have two missing due to lending them out and they haven't been returned! naughty. anyhoo me and book number seven stuck together like glue until i finished reading it sometime around ten pm this evening. i think i would have finished reading it sooner but i fell asleep a couple of times. once on the Saturday and twice on the Sunday. i love naps. the mister told me that i fell asleep clutching the book. bless. me and books. i love reading.

i am hoping to get some work done this week.

20 July 2007

fuel for the clouds...

...will they ever stop pestering me? these are the drops that i have managed to make so far. they just need filling in them now. i have been stitching these on and off this week as i have had quite a bit to do-i went on a little visit back home to Huddersfield this week amongst other things. i quite like making things in bulk as it gets you in to a rhythm almost of doing work. where as i find i can phaff for hours on end if i have one particular thing i have to create or doodle. I still have quite a few more rain drops to sew up. i think i am just going to do all of them that i have left plus i found three more grey clouds that i had to sew up while i was on the sewing machine. hiding there were. the cheek. playing games on the desk of doom is not funny and it is not safe. i think i have finally devised a plan of how to make a snail. the cogs of thought have been turning this week and we shall see what the weekend brings.

17 July 2007

above my umbrella...
...are nine stormy grey clouds. they drifted in through the office window and demanded that i make them some new raindrops as they are all rained out and are running on empty. not what is a girl to do? send 'em out with no drops as i would like to see the sun for a few days or give her little friends some fuel? well i think the little devils will be getting some raindrops tomorrow after i have sewn at least fifty four of the raindrops together. the minimum amount so at least there is the option to give at least six drops to each cloud. i think i may give one at least nine drops i fnot twelve and see what it looks like. i am going to try and create something new this week as well. get the old doodle brain storm spider diagram going.
the pledge of work is going well although i ain't doing 2D work as such, i am still working at the desk of doom sewing away. i have been quite productive this week so far and it is only Tuesday. i have done some promotional work if you could call it that. more like a step in the right direction-trying to get the ladysnail name out there and get more involved in the art scene that is in and around Manchester.

16 July 2007

the box of backache...

...after sitting on the desk of doom for five days, I picked the box up and finished off the last few bits that needed to be done like the speech bubbles of nonsense and the all important where is it going to address. i made a couple of boo boo's but nothing that the fantastic tube of white paint couldn't solve. I really liked painting onto this cardboard surface though it did buckle a bit and it goes a bit bumpy if you put too much paint on to it. i have a bigger box still lying around the flat and may paint another one up or just find some flat cardboard. i think i like it because it is not the scary virgin white colour that you find in a sketchbook that looks like it demands some fantastic art work painting upon it. I hope it makes the post office people smile if and when they stop to look at it while it is on it's journey. Please note that Surrey is spelt as this...Surrey and not Surry. I saw someone write that on a box once.
I think i am going to do some lino cutting and printing for the rest of the day. I have said this for the past three days now so we shall see. Depends if I can be bothered to tidy up the desk of doom.

14 July 2007

on my little wall...

...there is a new addition. within this world of blogging i have made many friends and spend an hour or two looking at their work. above is a painting that the lovely mister bought for me from an illustrator called Marisa Straccia or madamebogg. i love the attention to detail with all the little lines and swirls and dots. please take a peek at her blog and etsy shop. i would defo recommend a spy at her work as it is amazing and inspires me every time.

multiplying by the second...

...maybe not so fast but the robotington family are growing slowly. here are all six of them together on a chair covered in cotton that had now been dyed some funny looking grey colour tonight! i will be making even more robotingtons this weekend/week and cracking on with the work now that i have made a very good start with it all. i haven't been feeling so good past couple of days as i have tried to do too much all in one go. the big robots 53 cm long from the tips of their feet to their antenna's. i love making the big ones and think i should eventually make an even bigger one some day-just need to locate super big huge massive buttons! i know you have seen these before but don't they look cute all together?

13 July 2007

nearly ready...

...this box is nearly done now. i decided to outline the fish using a black biro as i think it is the best thing to use that wont smudge or blob should it get rained on etc while in the postal service. i am taking it to the post office tomorrow to get the labels put on it and that and then will bring it home to photograph before the actually posting. i wonder what the post office people will think when they see it.

i am feeling abit more mobile and flexible after yesturday though i now feel like i have caught a cold. i got some cough mixture, strepsils and nytol stuff so i am full of medication at the mo. whether it works or not is another story. i need to find a doctor in manchester!

11 July 2007

aches and pains...

...with all the painting and playing squash for over an hour and a half yesterday, i ain't too sure what i am going to do work wise today. i have a plan that i may put in to action later on but i woke up with terrible back pain and a really stiff neck. that's what i get for attempting exercise for the first time in a year and hours on continuous painting hunched over and refusing to give up. we shall see. this morning i went back to bed for two hours with a book and i have been out for a wander to get the shopping and some materials this aft. the wander had helped me muscles in a bit. am going to lay on the sofa for an hour with the book. it is a compelling read!

10 July 2007

seven hours later...

...aye yes seven hours of painting these little fish, give or take a few hours. i had about three hours break in between to go play squash today. i thought i would have it finished earlier but the pointy ends of the fish required a lot of phaffy painting with a tiny brush. well i could have rushed it but i couldn't bear to paint quickly with a big thick clumsy brush. it will be going in the mail asap. just need to outline it and i ain't sure what with yet-the normal trusty pencil but will it smudge or black fine liner which may blob and run if the box should get rained on in transit or outline it all in black paint which make take forever and a day to do. i think i will do a quick tester tomorrow before deciding. am fair pleased with this pledge, i know it is only day two but i feel i have been so productive!

from yesterday...

...a box painted with white fish and white robot fish. this is what i managed to get done yesterday and what i meant to post by midnight. i had the scan all ready to post up but the problem was my Internet connection. aye the Internet supplier as per normal got some earache from the mister and apparently there was a problem across the whole of Manchester. i never got round to finishing it yesterday as my neck and painting arm gave out about eleven pm. originally i made a template of swimming fish for a bigger box but i then decided the box was way too big to tackle in day. this one is having the blue-turquoise colour painted on to it at the moment and i will scan it in again. i decided to tackle my to-do list as well as the uni summer projects to help me with the pledge of work a day thing. i think this box is going to have to do as two days work as tonight i am off to play squash and take a break. i think if i haven't have decided to paint an under layer of white to lift the blue colour off the cardboard i would have had the box done in a day. this box i will be sending off to the mail me art project.

08 July 2007

a new deal...

...on Saturday three musketeer's proclaimed, "all for one and one for all". no hang on a moment-three illustrator friends said, "aye i will handshake on this deal like to do a page a day in me sketchbook and post it up on that there blog so we can all check and make sure and see that the work is getting done". that is what happened and so now as of tomorrow i have to make sure i am getting some kind of actual work done. i have been doing odds and ends of things-mainly stitching and printing but nothing that says, hey what type of illustration do i want to get into or what do i want to do in third year? yesturday i bought a fancy moleskine in the hope of starting off some kind of superfastquick travelling sketchbook and i have two other sketchbooks of me own to tackle and four projects. i have been brainstorming and mind mapping for a couple of weeks now and have been collecting all sorts on my travels so i think i can come up with something tomorrow to show for a days work before midnight as the carriage will turn into a pumpkin if i don't. it will. i know it will. so if you would like please have a spy at these fab blog's. two fellow friends from uni. our Jennipeg and Katie lady.


the geese have come back. i saw 'em on the canal when we came back from the pub this evening. they haven't been around for the past ten days or so but today there was a heron/crane and some wood pigeons. the wildlife outside my window is amazing. eagle eye Marmalade Katie saw a rat last night as well.

30 June 2007

lady Katie's birthday...

...it was inspector marmalade's birthday the other day. this is what i painted for her as a present. the dictionary page has the word marmalade on it and a little conversation about her dancing to candyman by Christina whatsherface. i like painting on these pages though sometimes the pencil doesn't draw too well on the paint. i think gouache may work better but i don't like gouache that much as it is kind of has a funny texture about it that i cant explain. i am hoping to get the paints out again this week. i have found an art shop in Manchester-yay and i have found another haberdashery type place in one of them big department stores that might do for now. i got some more small paintbrushes and what i consider a big thick one for a change. i like dinky like paint brushes. i find making up simple conversations interesting and fun. i admire the simple humour of the royle family that used to be on telly.

29 June 2007

from the archives...
...well from the second year work and from late last year, here are the four box canvas screen prints that i never took a picture of or scanned in to show you what they turned out like. i put up various photograph experiments and i think the etching prints. at the time i didn't really know i was going to do with these screen prints and i went fair overboard when printing the screen. i printed on to all kinds of fabrics and different coloured and types of paper and the 'Andy Warhol' inspired idea came about very last minute when i was looking back upon what i had done in the print room and thus as a result there is only one set of these prints. i put them into the artlab Christmas exhibition and they helped to raise money for two greyhound charities. i think i would like to work with other charities/organisations in the future and do similar illustration work that would help them in some way or another.

27 June 2007

haven't we seen these before...
...you may ask. aye you have seen a blue medium sized robotington before but not three grey ones! i have been fair busy with the robotington pattern and sewing machine. the sewing machine has asked for a week off. cheeky thing. i let it have three days holiday. these three robotingtons are waiting to see if they can go on a magical journey. i spent a while picking out their buttons and i am in the process of making three big robotingtons. they are waiting to be stuffed at the moment but i don't feel too well. i had to have a nap today as gordon brown sent me to sleep while i was watching the telly. i got a new sketchbook the other day so now i have got two on the go. the camera has been out and about as well and am taking that and a sketchbook out with me tomorrow after i have sat in and waited for the gas man to check the meter or whatever it is that they do that requires you to sit in all morning between the hours of 8am and 12 noon. do they not know i have to go wandering round town like a lost soul? i am getting there with finding my way round manchester.

new flatmates...

...introducing two new family friends. they joined us from Emma McCann's 'the yellow house'. i had my eye on these two lovely knitted monsters for a while and finally offered them a place to stay. i think they will like it in the office. I would recommend having a look at Emma's website, blog and etsy shop. the blue one is called One-Eyed Willie and the pink one is called One-Eyed Wilhelmina. Wilhelmina likes ice cream and chocolate so i think we are going to get on just fine. Willie likes loud music so him and the mister will be best buds in no time. i think the girls will live in the office and the boys can go live in the living room. best idea in the world and everyone is happy!